We follow the early childhood philosophy of children learning best from their own experiences. Young children learn from activity, from exploring real objects and solving real problems such as how to balance a stack of blocks or how to zip their jackets. Our goal is to provide a rich learning environment with many “hands on” experiences. In addition, our kind, caring and creative teachers provide a nurturing environment in which children can thrive.                                       img_20170512_134023481_hdr.jpg
We believe that each child is a unique individual created by God. We say a snack time prayer each day, and we strive to teach children to be fair in their relationships with others by teaching Christian concepts of loving, caring, and sharing. It is not our purpose to instruct the children in any particular religious doctrine, but rather to live with them and their families with love and respect. As a result, we encourage children of other faiths to share their customs with us.